ISO 14001

Certificate Number: 69372-2010-AE-GBR-UKAS

Scope: Management of Specialist Cleaning and Decontamination Services.

Reacts progression in to segregating waste and recycling of products and materials has evolved into new markets.

Examples of the way we have evolved and the progression we are making is based around seeking out companies that can recycle some or all of the waste streams we collect on a regular basis. To put this into context, we have partnered with a company that will take all of the tyres we collect, they then shred the tyres and pass onto Equestrian Training Arena’s.

We recently removed 7 tonne of paper from a private dwelling, we located a paper recycling plant that took it all for recycling. We have also located a company that re cycles used plastics and makes garden furniture from the recycled plastics that we collect.

We are also looking at Waste to H2O, basically when we clean industrial kitchens and drains all the discarded food waste and grease is put into this chamber and turned into Grey water and can then be put down the normal drains without any contamination.

React will continue to look to utilise various recycling companies to help us to reduce our Carbon Footprint going forward.


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